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On 5/25/05, S. Anthony Sequeira <tony at> wrote:
> On Wed, May 25, 2005 13:45, Chakkaradeep C C said:


> > oh my!..people building linux from gentoo have told me it takes nearly
> > more number of days to master i dont have plans to try
> > with gentoo.....
> You really should try it yourself before you make any judgements.  It
> does have an installer and excellent documentation, whereas LFS has
> the excellent documentation, you are the installer :).  So if you have
> a broadband connection, you can kick it off and leave it unattended
> (mostly).

Mostly alone or baby sit the whole way depending on diskspace, which
host tarball/livecd/profile you choose. Compiler incompatibilies, some
old libs, issues with alsa dependencies if using a 2.6.* kernel,
strange freeze ups, circular dependencies, reboot and nothing is on
the hard drive, really old or really bleeding edge multimedia
software, those are a couple of problems that kept coming up with

> > my team is here is very keen in package management and i have decided
> > to c how far Portage allows me to be used in LFS, and if Portage be
> > ported into LFS :-) would be gud...
> AFAIK, emerge is a linux version of portage, or is intended to be.  A
> search on gentoos web-site about it's history will be enlightening.

I think emerge is the front-end, not really sure though.

> HTH.
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