Beginner's questions

thorsten fly_a320 at
Thu May 26 00:38:28 PDT 2005

> I am using SuSE 9.2 professional as my host distro. I have successfully set up 
> a partition, set up a user, downloaded all the files, but have hit a problem 
> in Setting up the environment (Chapter 4, page 31, LFS 6.0). I followed the 
> instructions on the page, but realised something was wrong when I su to lfs 
> and PS1 remains the default SuSE prompt, rather than the one I had set up. If 
> I run env, I get a whole lot of environment settings that have come from the 
> SuSE defaults somewhere.

do a cat /home/lfs/.bash_profile, cat /home/lfs/.bashrc to check if both 
files are where they belong and make sure both files look exactly like 
in the lfs book. In .bash.profile the >>> -i <<< in the env command is 
important. That one may be missing.

have fun,


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