Comparing with gentoo

Robert Lee Taylor linuxg33k at
Thu May 26 02:02:27 PDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-25-05 at 14:37 +0530, Chakkaradeep C C wrote:
> Hi,
> so being this case...why hasnt LFS not gone for a Package
> Management??...pls dont tell it is "Your Distro,Your Rules" becoz
> unless something is reliable and stable one wont afford for
> answering as YDYR would be vague!....or can v use Emerge
> in LFS??....using and re-suing is open source rite?....
> have anybdy integrated Emerge in LFS??.......
> with regards,
> C.C.Chakkaradeep

Are you a complete moron?

Don't you have a clue about LFS?  If you want the Gentoo package
manager, why don't you just use Gentoo?

The purpose of LFS is to be used as a staging ground for LEARNING
(customizing?) LINUX not INSTALLING LINUX.  This isn't a distro so much
as a LEARNING CLASS.  Why do you want to turn LFS into something else?
If you want a package manager there are plenty of distros to use, from
Debian to Gentoo.

To whomever controls patch submissions, please don't let a package
manager become part of the distro, or become DEPENDENT on the package
manager. If i wanted to learn how to bootstrap a distro WITH A
PACKAGEMANAGER i would use Gentoo.  There would be no point to using
LFS. The great thing about LFS is noobs get to learn LINUX, not HOW TO


I use LFS to LEARN about linux, not hide behind a goddamned package
manager. Please, whatever you do, keep LFS true to it's goals, do not
let it become yet another distro.  What makes LFS special is not being
l33t or any crap like that, what makes it special is having to do
everything manually to set it up so that us newbs get a chance to see
the infrastructure of linux and how it works.

God, this world is full of morons, everyone perpetually wants to turn
something that works into something that doesn't.

Chakkardeep, I am dissapointed that you would suggest something so
gloriously stupid, especially since you would do nothing more than
replicate what Gentoo is already doing?  

If you want a package manager and an LFS style distro use Gentoo, they
have already done all the work, do not ruin what has been built here.


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