root user instead of LFS - Please help

Jim Gifford lfs at
Fri May 27 22:18:07 PDT 2005

Bobby Pejman wrote:

>Hello All,
>In section 4.3 (Add the LFS user) of the book, I don't
>want to add a user LFS. I'm automating my installation
>using a simple bash script and when it does this:
>su - lfs
>My automation stops. :( I like to be able to continue
>my installation in root. I am not interested in using
>ALFS either. This is a school project. 
>My problem is when I continue my installation in root,
>my toolchain fails. I tried creating the LFS user
>manually and toolchain worked. So I know it's the lfs
>user thing.
>What steps do I need to add or change in order to
>install LFS without using LFS as a user?
>Thank you all for all your help. I really appreciate
>email: bpejman at
Have you looked into using sudo instead?

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