Quick Kernel Question

Mukesh Kaushal mukeshk at compucomtech.co.in
Mon May 30 22:48:06 PDT 2005

I think you should just copy the boot dir from cd and use it as it is.I 
think it will work or you should make more clear your problem.

Mukesh Kaushal

Bobby Pejman wrote:

>First, thank you ALL for your help on my previous
>message. You guys RULE! :)
>Ok, so I have a quick kernel question. I'm on chapter
>8 section 3 of the book. This is where I'm building
>the linux kernel. Now, I don't want to do that.
>I just want to use the same kernel that my "LFS boot
>cd" is using. I tried doing "make oldconfig" but the
>things it's asking me is WAY over my head :(  
>*What* files do I need to copy *and to where* to make
>up for section 8.3 of the book???
>Here's what I have under my /boot/isolinux directory:
>All help is much appreciated!

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