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Chakkaradeep C C chaks.lfs at
Tue May 31 01:49:41 PDT 2005


On 5/31/05, Andrew Benton <b3nt at> wrote:
> Chakkaradeep C C wrote:
> > performance.??...and how do i generate "/etc/modprobe.conf" file
> > initially??........
> >
> In linux there is help documentation in the form of man pages. To avoid looking stupid, >before firing off another message to the list, 

please dont consider people that they dont know anything and just
seeking the help of forums...i do love building LFS and i
have......and i support LFS by joining the mailing list and it is not
that i post my also answering to other's queries too.....

> try reading man modprobe.conf,It says there is a command generate_modprobe.conf
> Or ask Google. Google knows everything

i did look into manpages and googled before posting into this
mail.........and i do know that unless u install Module-Init-Tools u
get this binary "generate_modprobe.conf".....when i run this command,
it is asking for my old modprobe.conf.......this is my problem.....LFS
is a new system and where will i search for the old

with regards,

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