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Shane Shields shane.shields at erkunttarim.com.tr
Tue May 31 02:35:22 PDT 2005

Please please PLEASE!!!! At least try to use proper English when posting 
to the list.

Chakkaradeep C C wrote:

>getting LFS CD is a gud idea and also choosing FC-3 as ur base system

>is not a bad idea.... :-) ...FC-3 is gud for building LFS........i

>have completed it successfully.....u may face few problems becoz of

This is only meant to help. Using the writing style that you have 
implies to me that you are ignorant of net etiquette and or don't care 
about improving yourself. It also gives the impression that you are a 
young child whose only net experience is with the d00dz on irc. You have 
been given the link to net etiquette and I suggest you read it and 
follow its guidelines. You will then find that you will be treated with 
a lot more respect on this and any other mailing list.

I am sorry I have to say this because reading your posts is just getting 
too painful.

Shane Shields

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