Flex compilation issue...

David Jensen djensen at inebraska.com
Tue May 31 10:49:55 PDT 2005

David Fix wrote:

>Tried that patch you'd sent me...  Still no go.  :(  I applied it to a clean
>source file, and nada.  Also, instead of flex-2.5.31-debian_fixes-2.patch, I
>tried flex-2.5.31-debian_fixes-4.patch, which contains that patch that you
>have also...  And the same thing happened.  *ponder*
please don't top post.

touch -t 0303311951 scan.l
after applying the flex-2.5.31-debian_fixes-2.patch.  That should stop 
the rebuild of scan.c.  However you should then install flex a second 
time without the touch.
Backup if possible before you try this!  It may not work!

David Jensen

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