defining memory regions

ghi at ghi at
Tue Nov 1 05:53:41 PST 2005


I have an x86 embedded system (AMD SC520) that runs some RTOS (OnTime) and
runs WinCE. Now, I want to run Linux on it. I have mad my own boot loader
that loads a binary image from the CF card and load it on some fixed
location in RAM and then execute it.

1) How do I compile the kernel for a specific memory regions?
2) For starter, I just need some little test software (blink LED) on my
system running under Linux. Do you think the kernel itself is enough or I
should be adding other modules?
3) Where do I find manuals on how to write modules (drivers) for the kernel?

This would be very simple for you guys but I looked everywhere online and
can't get an answer.


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