RE-adjusting the Toolchain

Paul Lewis paul.lewis at
Tue Nov 1 07:40:00 PST 2005


I'm currently in Chapter 6, section 6.12, of the LFS book version 6.1. It's
the section where we re-adjust the toolchain. The book says to adjust the
gcc specs file to remove the reference to /tools/lib/, and
replace it with /{,usr/}lib/ Now, I understand this to mean
that we are specifying two paths - /lib/, and
/usr/lib/ However, how do I enter this into the specs file? If
I enter it exactly as shown in the book, using the curly brackets - {,usr/},
then when you do the sanity check with dummy.c, and then readelf on a.out
and grep the output for ': /lib', grep does not find that path, because it
doesn't exist as such - it exists as /{,usr/} etc.

I was just wondering if anyone could shed any light on this for me - have I
done it right by specifying the path as /{.usr/}lib in the specs file, or do
I need to enter the path twice, or is there some other method that I've

Thanks in advance for your help,


Paul Lewis (paul.lewis at
JCR Computing Rep
St Anne's College 

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