RE-adjusting the Toolchain

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Tue Nov 1 09:03:50 PST 2005

On 11/1/05, Paul Lewis <paul.lewis at> wrote:
> The book says to adjust the
> gcc specs file to remove the reference to /tools/lib/, and
> replace it with /{,usr/}lib/ Now, I understand this to mean
> that we are specifying two paths - /lib/, and
> /usr/lib/

That's not actually what's said.  Hopefully you've already been
steered correctly with the perl command, but just to make sure you're
not going down the wrong path, you should only have
/lib/  If there's another one in /usr/lib, you've got
issues.  The other part about /usr/lib is to make sure that the gcc
you're about to compile looks in /usr/lib first for the glibc
startfiles in /usr/lib rather than in /tools/lib.

Of course, you probably already took Matthew's advice and are down the
road somewhere by now.


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