Problem with dynamic linking

David Lyne davelargeuk2 at
Wed Nov 2 00:54:01 PST 2005


> This may be more appropriate for blfs-support.  Anyone?

I did wonder...

> That's quite odd.  I wish I still had a copy of Maple-9.5.  We had a
> site license at school, and it installed on Solaris.  I'm no expert on
> the linker either, so this is all guesswork.  First, could you give
> more details on the install program?  Is it kicked off by a shell
> script, is it pure java?  Have you ever had problems with the linker
> before?  Could you root around in /tmp/install.dir.2870 and see if
> there's any configuration files it's set up?

The 'install program' is a short shell script (called 
installMapleLinuxSU, which I've attached to this mail) which checks 
you've got a gui running and then launches the main binary installer 
(LinuxInstaller.bin, which I can't attach because it's bigger than my 
mail server's limit).

I've not seen any problems with the linker before. I installed both 
firefox and thunderbird as binaries and didn't have any problems. I've 
also compiled numerous packages since I finished my LFS.

I'll dig in the temporary directory now and see what I find.

Thanks for you help.

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