Configure of Binutils fails (Unterminated `s' command)

Ken Moffat ken at
Thu Nov 3 08:33:23 PST 2005

On Thu, 3 Nov 2005, Jacek Bajor wrote:

> Configure of Binutils-2.16.1 (pass 1) fails:
> creating ./config.status
> creating Makefile
> sed: file conftest.s1 line 47: Unterminated `s' command
> make: *** No targets.  Stop.
> Any ideas? Could You help me?
> Jacek

  Which subdirectory is this happening in ?  At a guess, the 's1' part of 
conftest.s1 is the contents of a variable - find and grep can't seem to 
find any references to conftest.s1 in a fresh tree.  If you can identify 
the subdirectory, have a look at the config.log in that directory for 
more information on what is happening.

  Also, which host distro are you using, which version of the book, and 
which version of sed is on your host ?

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