For 486s

Ian info at
Thu Nov 3 14:09:27 PST 2005


I have a number of 486 machines. They have very little memory
16M or less. My interest is to make a version of Linux to
run a few programs on these, particularly the mail program
Mutt and Midnight Commander; no X stuff. I need to keep
well below 100M drive space.

I now have the LFS live CD and theres a Pentium 400MHz I can
use for compilation. What Id like to know before I start is
whether this is going to be a rather too difficult task
for someone who is not very experienced with Linux and
up till now has never compiled a kernel. I suspect Im
going to have to whittle the kernal down a great deal
before it will be ok for these old machines. Is this

Is this the right place for this enquiry?

Bye now,

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