p54 'make -C ld clean' -> no ld directory

Micheal E Cooper mcooper at miyazaki-mic.ac.jp
Fri Nov 4 12:58:19 PST 2005

Ah, thank you all very much for the prompt information. While I do enjoy
experimentation, I think I should use the stable version, because this is
my maiden voyage with LFS. I will boot from the LiveCD, get X up in 1024,
and then just leave the power on until I finish making the LFS system.

I am sure that using the LiveCD will prevent any future possible
interferences with the host system, so in the end, the process will go

If I am not mistaken, I could go back to the FC4 host when my /tools are
all done and working right? I will have a separate dev environ from FC4 up
and running in /tools, so if I needed to, I could move back to the host
system after /tools are finished, right?

> Ken Moffat wrote:
>> On Fri, 4 Nov 2005, Andrew Benton wrote:
>>> Micheal E Cooper wrote:
>>>> I have followed the book directions exactly, not customizing anything.
>>>> I
>>>> am using LFS 6.1, the stable version. My host system is FC4 default
>>> LFS-6.1 won't build on Fedora Core 4. Try a different host or try
>>> building the development version of LFS
>>> Andy
>>  Ah, yes.  Micheal could also try the testing book (destined to become
>> 6.1.1), which certainly builds on a (LFS-svn) host running gcc-4.
>> Ken
> It does compile fine with "regular" GCC4, but from what I've heard
> (never used FC4 myself) the GCC4 in FC4 is really modified and just
> won't work, even with the GCC4 patch.
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