cannot copy and paste in LiveCD environ

Micheal E Cooper mcooper at
Tue Nov 8 12:46:11 PST 2005

Using LiveCD, latest version. In '5.7. Adjusting the Toolchain', the book
suggests using copy and paste to enter:

SPECFILE=`gcc --print-file specs` &&
sed 's@ /lib/ /tools/lib/ at g' \
    $SPECFILE > tempspecfile &&
mv -f tempspecfile $SPECFILE &&

so I assume that copy and paste should be possible, but none of the
methods I know of seem to work with the LFS LiveCD terminal window.

I copy-pasted the above block from the book's Firefox window to this
Firefox window, so I know that works. However, I cannot copy from or paste
to either the terminal window or XEdit.

I have tried:
 Ctrl-C/ Ctrl-P;
 click-drag selecting text in terminal window and then trying to paste
into browser;
 click-drag selecting and then right-clicking;
 searching for a menu on the terminal window.

Nothing works. I am unaware of any other commands. Can someone clue me in,
or is my keyboard and/or mouse config wrong? I am using the standard US
keyb and Microsoft wheel mouse.

Ah, the MS mouse... Maybe that's it. Maybe it's trying to prevent me from
reaching Unix wizardhood.

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