gcc 6.15 sed question

David Fix 6gwlse302 at sneakemail.com
Thu Nov 10 08:43:07 PST 2005

> In 6.15 when I performed the
> sed -i 'dummy/d' /etc/passwd /etc/group
> command to remove the dummy users and groups ... received
> the following message that appears to be an error message but I'm not
> sure 
> sed -e expression #1, char2: extra characters after command.
> Not being sed literate I take this as an error since, after
> checking /etc/group, user dummy1 and dummy2 are still
> present and dummy1, dummy2 and dummy are still present in /etc/passwd.

Did you ensure that you did the sed install in 5.21?  :)  That's the only
thing *I* can think of, but minds more knowing than mine probably have a
different take on it.  :)


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