gcc 6.15 sed question

rick rick at ttys0.us
Thu Nov 10 09:41:40 PST 2005

>On 11/10/05, rick <rick at ttys0.us> wrote:
>> In 6.15 when I performed the
>> sed -i 'dummy/d' /etc/passwd /etc/group
>> command to remove the dummy users and groups ... received
>> the following message that appears to be an error message
>> but I'm not sure
>> sed -e expression #1, char2: extra characters after command.

Then Dan Nicholson wrote>
>Looks like you entered the wrong command.  It should be
>sed -i '/dummy/d' /etc/passwd /etc/group
>Checked all versions of LFS and it's there.

Dan, check my original message again;
I did enter the command 
sed -i 'dummy/d' /etc/passwd /etc/group

"sed -e expression #1, char2: extra characters aftercommand"
was a system message received in response to the command.

Anyhow I'm still trying to figure out what I have done 
wrong.  Any suggestions appreciated.

Rick Richardson.

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