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>> IraqiGeek wrote:
>>> Thats what I want to do, but I cant execute root (hd0,2), where the lfs 
>>> filesystem is at hda3. In fact, I can execute any root command inside 
>>> grub. It keeps telling me that the selected disk doesnt exist.
>> Sounds like you rebooted your machine and then tried entering into chroot 
>> without going through the setting up of dev and the proc and sys 
>> filesystems as instructed at the beginning of chapter 6.
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>> JH

I don't think it matters where you run Grub from, as long as you give it the correct 'root' and 'setup' values. Of course, you also have to have installed the correct 'stage' and 'menu' files where Grub expects to find them. If you make a mistake, you can still boot, and then enter Grub's editor. The normal Grub 'root' value is 'root(hd0,0)' and 'setup(hd0)

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