building an LFS image

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AFAIK I think you can tar the "/" and bzip it. When you want to use
it, the only thing you have to do apart from untarring would be to run

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

On 11/14/05, IraqiGeek <geek at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Finally finished building LFS, and its booting fine. Now I want to make an
> image file of the LFS system. The system was built on a vmware machine with
> a virtual drive 4GB in size (3.7GB of which are for the root filesystem, and
> 300MB for swap space), and df reports that I am using 437MB of space (isnt
> that a bit high considering that /tools was deleted along with the sources
> directory). Anyway, if I use dd to make an image of the build into a file on
> a second virtual hard disk, I get a 3.7GB image file.
> How can I build an image file that has the same size of the LFS build files?
> Thanks,
> IraqiGeek
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