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Mon Nov 14 03:25:20 PST 2005

Am Sunday 13 November 2005 22:44 schrieben Sie:

>> As it is recommended in the  Book and
>> Gerrard says strictly this being the only
>> thing to be used:
>> ln -s $LFS/tools /
>> Ge> The above command is correct. ;-)
>> I only get the answer
>> ln: `//tools': cannot overwrite directory
>> Why not!
>> Chmod says: 755
>> Owner root
>> Group root
>This is a question for lfs-support.

Well, copied to it, but I don't want to be boring

>I'm not sure, but it could be becaue you already have a directory
>/tools. Also, try doing `echo $LFS`, it seems like LFS=/ for you.
Maybe. As a matter of fact, the same reaction even I havent 
mounted the partition, removed $LFS/tools or done as described
in the book exactly.
echo $LFS  brings  /mnt/lfs 

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