Hi! A few questions from a first timer

ChasJTurner chjtr at gte.net
Mon Nov 21 18:35:26 PST 2005

  I have finally decided to jump off the cliff and build lfs (my Knees 
have been shaking for months leading up to this) using 
lfs-packages-6.1.1.tar, and the LFS-BOOK-6.1.pdf. I decided to download 
the tarball of all packages from ftp.planetmirror.com , and I noticed 
somethings after I unpacked it.
#1 IPRoute2 Disable DB Patch (iproute2-2.6.11_050330-remove_db-1.patch 
and Zlib Security Patch (zlib-1.2.2-security_fix-1.patch
were both missing from the tarball. Question #1 If something is listed 
in the book, but is missing from the tarball, should I assume that does 
need to be downloaded and included in the proper directory? I did assume 
this and dl'd those 2 files to /mnt/lfs/sources.
#2 Several other patches not listed in the book were included in the 
Is it safe/correct to assume that if something is included in the 
tarball, but not specified in the book, that those items should be 
included in the build?
#3 Each time I start up the host computer (Suse 9.3 Pro), I have to 
mount the lfs partition. I am guessing this is because we have not 
messed with /etc/fstab yet, and I have to reset the environment variable 
   export LFS=/mnt/lfs. Is this expected behavior at this point (I am up 
to page 49 "Chapter 5 Constructing a Temporary System
#4 Is there anything else that I need to do before working on LFS each 
time I boot the host system?
Thanks for taking the time to read and consider!
charlie turner

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