Hi! A few questions from a first timer

Micheal E Cooper mcooper at miyazaki-mic.ac.jp
Tue Nov 22 17:19:31 PST 2005

> Hi!
>   I have finally decided to jump off the cliff and build lfs (my Knees
> have been shaking for months leading up to this) using
> lfs-packages-6.1.1.tar, and the LFS-BOOK-6.1.pdf. I decided to download

>From one first-timer to another, I would strongly recommend that you go
with the latest LiveCD instead. I don't know what the latest LiveCD
version is though, because I am still at Chapter 6.61 of the LiveCD v6.1.

While adjusting your host environment for the lfs process and getting the
source packages and so on collected is a good experience, it still takes
time and energy. If you are doing lfs on a second machine, it is better to
use the LiveCD and just leaving the PC on until I am finished is better.
If you only have one machine, you will have to do the Xwindows thing and
some envars after you reboot, but still, the LiveCD is really nice.

Here's why:
1-The setup is made for LFS, so you don't have to worry about host-caused
incompatibilities, etc. You can focus on learning from and enjoying the
lfs experience.
2-After the first chroot, I chose the wrong terminal to paste commands
into or did something similar to that (still not sure what I did) and
seriously wiped out some of my host system's files. Fortunately for me, I
was using the LiveCD, so all I had to do was reboot, redo the Xwindows
setting, redo the envars, and redo the chroot stuff.
3-Assuming you customize your Xwindows, the LiveCD's environment is more
than sufficient. You have firefox, and in it you have the lfs book. You
have a mail client, but firefox handles webmail IMAP just fine, too.
4-What is more, even if you can get your host system altered to work with
the lfs requirements, it still necessitates that you alter your host
system. Using the LiveCD means that you can put in a second HDD, boot from
the LiveCD, and then go to town without touching the system you already
had installed. You don't even have to make a partition for lfs if you are
using a second HDD.

Here is a hint for getting your X11 usable with the LiveCD. It is taken
from my lfs journal:
   Boot from the CD.
   When you get the command line, you must prepare X11 by using your
   monitor's color depth-resolution with horizontal synch and
   vertical refresh rate. Look it up in the manual or take it from the
   OS you already have working on that machine. Just find the combination
   that works for 24-bit color, which is the "Depth 24" below.
   My monitor works well with Horizontal Sync 60, Vertical Refresh 75 at
   24-bit color with 1024x768 resolution.
      Note: ctrl-alt-backspace cancels an xorg session
      cd ~ &&
      Xorg -configure
      vi xorg.conf.new
         In the Section "Monitor", you could write out the
         manufacturer and model, but it would not really
         matter, since none of this will remain.
      Section "Monitor"
         HorizSync 60
         VertRefresh 75
      Section "Screen"
         Subsection "Display"
            Depth 24
            Modes "1024x768"
   Then copy this new conf to replace the old
      mv ~/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf

And you are rollin'.

Kudos and karma to the LFS team, and thanks for the LiveCD. The
combination is unbeatable.


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