At 6.61, backup before Stripping Again & stripping itself

Ken Moffat ken at
Tue Nov 22 17:24:07 PST 2005

On Wed, 23 Nov 2005, Micheal E Cooper wrote:

> So what is the best way to make this backup?
> (1) As root user of the host system, do 'tar -cjf 051123_lfs_bkp.tar.bz2
> $LFS'.
> (2) As root of the chroot'd system, do 'tar -cjf 051123_lfs_bkp.tar.bz2 /'.
> (3) other utilities or methods, or some tar options that I don't know???
  For chapter 6, and indeed any time afterwards, --one-file-system is a 
useful tar option.  It stops you trying to back up /proc and /sys.  Of 
course now that we use udev it also stops you backing up /dev, so you'll 
need to separately recreate /dev/console and /dev/null if you ever 
restore from it.  'info tar' is pretty good these days.

  The only real difference between your (1) and (2) is if you want to put 
the backup somewhere different [ not so important while you strip, but 
more important for general backups ] - for (1) you can write it to 
anywhere that is mounted (e.g. /home if that is a different filesystem), 
for (2) you'd have to 'mount --bind' from outside chroot to be able to 
do that.

  I guess most people here will use tar for creating backups - gnu tar 
has all of the necessary functionality.  Probably a few people will use 
cpio 'because they can' (although obviously LFS doesn't contain cpio), 
but personally I get enough pain from cpio when I have to look at srpms 
with rpm2cpio.

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