Machine hangs on beep

Subhash Chandra mr.subhash at
Thu Nov 24 01:39:59 PST 2005

My system hangs sometimes when my pc speaker beeps.
Like when I try to scroll past the last line in vim, or when it beeps
after I issue shutdown/reboot command or when it beeps at the bash
prompt if I hit tab twise to show the auto complete list etc.

The speaker starts and doesn't stop. Also the HDD activity indicator
lights up. I have to press the reset button to rebbot the pc and I
always endup loosing some files.

I'm using LFS 6.1. I deviated from book only for using package users
approach in chapter 6. I installed a few BLFS packages too and then
some more but the problem existed even before that.

My slack doesn't have this problem.
Just in case, FYI I'm using raid array on ite8212 controller.

Thanking in anticipation,
Subhash Chandra
║I don't know how much of what I say is true ║

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