Machine hangs on beep

Subhash Chandra mr.subhash at
Thu Nov 24 08:10:36 PST 2005

>   Yes, those are the modules you have loaded.  Plenty of candidates for
> trouble there!  I'm somewhat surprised to see you are using ntfs, but
> the prime candidates (based on what you wrote earlier) must be pcspkr
> and the sound modules.

NTFS is the an ancient relic from the days when I used xp to build an
unattended xp setup for my classmates(loaded with as many windows
ports of linux soft as Ican). Now I have all my music and vids on it
and would be bad to loose them. Got to take a back up some day and get
rid of that. But they are not in fstab and I don't think that could be

How can I disable pcspkr? I grepped the /etc and #ed out the only
reference to it in /etc/hotplug/pnp.distmap. I can't be sure yet
though. The problem occurs only sporadically. I guess I'll have to
wait and see if ithappens again.

> Looking at its size, nvidia must be the wrapper
> for the binary module, so if you can, try without that first.

The problem existed b4 I installed the wrapped binary, so it can't be that.

>   If you can narrow it down a bit, you might want to try 2.6.14.latest
> (.3 is due) to see if the problem is still present.  Obviously, check
> the logs in case any interesting error messages show up.

sure, I'll give 2.6.14 a spin and can I use the old config file or do
I have to go through all those options again? I'm almost newbie. I
guess I've hit the mailing list faster than the logs. I'll go through
them tomorrow and see if I can come up with more info. Got a
presentation tom.

Thank you,

Subhash Chandra.
║I don't know how much of what I say is true ║

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