Help needed for LFS-6.1

Dhaval Motghare dhavalmotghare at
Thu Nov 24 21:28:13 PST 2005

Hello all,
 I am rebuilding LFS since the first build had problems with Zlib.
The Zlib package was installed properly but the File package was unable to
locate Zlib.h.
So i left it and tried installing othe packages, some of the packages
installed properly but some failed
Also the Bzip package installed properly but it won't work while
Could any one provide me with the list of things to do when i restart my
Like what things to mount and what variables to set. i am a kind of newbie
and it would be really helpful.
Also can anyone tell me what problem might be in Zlib.

Also can anyone tell me how do you exactly configure the kernel, while
compiling a new one.
I used make oldconfig and used the .config file of my machine, i answered no
for all other options.
Build the kernel image , copied it to /boot, configured GRUB.
And rebooted it, after rebooting it finds the kernel image but it fails in
the system logger step.

Dhaval Motghare
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