glibc 2.3.6 and setlogin

Dan Osterrath Dan.Osterrath at
Fri Nov 25 04:03:54 PST 2005

>> -bash-3.00# gcc setlogintest.c -o setlogintest
>> /tmp/cc2G2SBZ.o(.text+0x4f): In function `main':
>> : warning: warning: setlogin is not implemented and will always fail
> That's just a warning. Your program still compiles

Of course it compiles. But see the content of the warning: setlogin will
always fail. And this is the problem.

> andy:~$ /home/andy/setlogintest eddie
> could not setlogin to eddie

This is the result of the problem. setlogin fails therefore kdm fails
and will not let me login, even if I try to login as root. When running
startx instead of kdm, kde works fine but without the login screen.
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