Package user, perms problem

Subhash Chandra mr.subhash at
Fri Nov 25 20:08:33 PST 2005

I'm using LFS with package users and having problems setting
appropriate permissions

I want to play videos in mplayer.

I tried
#usermod -G audio,video mplayer
#chmod u+s $(which mplayer)

mplayer belongs to user mplayer and group mplayer
But it's not working.

How ever if I do
#chown :audio $(which mplayer)

it can play songs. It works even if sgid or suid bits are not set. But
this way I have access to only either audio or video. Can't have both.
isn't it!
This is the mess without needing disk user, to access files on mounted

Is there any other way to do this than suid to root?

thank you.
Subhash Chandra
║I don't know how much of what I say is true ║

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