Package user, perms problem

Subhash Chandra mr.subhash at
Sat Nov 26 04:56:42 PST 2005

>   Hmm... what does 'mplayer -vo help' give? You should have the option
> to use 'xv' and 'x11', if not, something funny happened during the
> compilation of mplayer. Do you have the output of the configure-step
> around? At the end there should be something like (the actual things you
> see there will vary):
> [quote]
>   Enabled optional drivers:
>     Input: ftp network edl tv matroska cdda mpdvdkit2 vcd dvb smb
>     Codecs: qtx libavcodec real xanim dshow/dmo win32 faad2(internal)
> libmpeg2 l
> iba52 mp3lib tremor(internal) gif
>     Audio output: alsa oss sdl mpegpes(dvb)
>     Video output: xvidix cvidix sdl vesa gif89a md5sum pnm jpeg png
> mpegpes(dvb)
>  opengl dga xv x11 xover tga
> [/quote]
>   Important are the xv and x11 in the 'Video output' section.
I don't have X at all. So I can't have xv and x11. I know about that.
I'm using mplayer for quite some time and I used to suid to root on
redhat and lateron slackware.

On LFS I can use it as root and suid root. Not that it really matters,
because those around me are muggles and can't really exploit anything,
But I want to do things and learn things.

The prob is with perms AFAIK. some how it can't open the fb0 device.
Is there a way to see if I can check weather the user phoenix can open
it? I thought of doing something like echo hi >>/dev/fb0 but afraid it
might screw up something.
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