Jeremy Monnet jmonnet at
Mon Nov 28 05:47:56 PST 2005

Hello all lfs and blfs dev and support teams,

I have started saturday evening to install first a lfs, then sunday
morning I've continued with some of the blfs components.
I would like to thank you for such a great experience. Now I have a
fully working system with X-windows, web-browsers, etc, everything
compiled from source. I have just learnt so much this week end, I feel
my brain is crashed ;-)

I will now try to upgrade some elements (I followed the stable branch,
but I think I'll need newer stuff for OOo2).

I have a lot of questions to ask, but some are for lfs, and some for
blfs, so I'll ask them later.

Just a an enormous thank you for all this experiences you share with
us (the newbies :-) )

Linux Registered User #317862
Please don't send me .doc, .xls, .ppt, I will *NOT* read them.

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