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    WallStreet Pick Of The Week, EQSE

Hello Members,

EQSE is up 39% in profits and is on the
move, with huge promotions taking place
this week coming up in over 175 Financial
Newsletters starting Wednesday, we were
lucky enough to get the inside information
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Company: Equipment and Systems Engineering
Symb0l: EQSE . Pk
Last-Trade: .25
1-2 Week Expectations: 1.00+
Profit-Strength: Very High +++

  * EQSE . Pk * EQSE . Pk * EQSE . Pk *

Equipment & Systems Engineering Reports
Nine-Month Financials With Gross Profit
at 39% and growing daily. 

Equipment and Systems Engineering, Inc.
A leading manufacturer and global supplier
of on-site sodium hypochlorite generation
systems for water sanitation, announced today
that it has filed a financial report for
the nine month period ended September 30,
2005. Through the first three quarters of
2005, the company reported gross profits of
$496,852, approximately 39 percent of sales,
and an after tax net income from operations
of $104,507, approximately eight percent of
sales. EQSE also has reported sales revenue
of $1,311,144 for the nine-month period ended
September 30, 2005.

"EQSE has demonstrated that it can maintain
its sales momentum and its leadership position
in the markets it serves," said Jose T. Masis,
EQSE's CEO and founder. "Our stable revenue
numbers and considerable profit margins over
the past nine months have created value for
our shareholders and continue to make EQSE an
attractive investment consideration.

EQSE core products are marketed under the
Aquachlor brand name. These systems are used
to sanitize drinking water in rural areas of
developing nations, as well as in emergency
situations, around the world. EQSE has an
installed base of more than 1,000 Aquachlor
units in 50 countries worldwide, providing
several hundred million liters of safe drinking
water across North, Central and South America,
as well as Africa, Oceania and Asia each day.

EQSE also maintains two other successful
business units: Its Alternative Fuels Unit
is the exclusive reseller of IMPCO and OMVL
alternative fuels conversion systems in numerous
countries throughout Latin America and the
Caribbean; these systems convert gasoline
driven engines to operate on gases such as
natural gas (CNG) and propane (LPG). Targeting
the petroleum industry and many navy
installations in Latin America, EQSE's Waste
Water Treatment Unit resells electrocatalytical
systems manufactured by EnviroVac; these
systems convert waste water into safely
disposable water using electrolyzed seawater
as a disinfectant. The company enjoys high
market shares of more than 25 percent for
these divisions in each of the countries
where it actively participates.

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