grub setup problem

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Wed Nov 30 10:54:36 PST 2005

On 11/30/05, Jeremy Huntwork <jhuntwork at> wrote:
> I think what Thorsten meant was that for a ext{2,3} partition, you can
> boot just fine without having that file in place in your grub directory.
>   I've done that several times. So that line shouldn't be a cause for
> concern.

That's interesting to know.  I have a vfat boot partition, and trying
to boot, grub complained once that one of the stage1_5 files was
missing.  I don't remember which one, I think reiserfs even though I
don't have any reiserfs partitions.  This was probably a bug in grub's
implementation of vfat booting, but ever since then, I just copy all
of the stage1_5 files to /boot/grub.  They're not big enough for me to
care when my kernels are ~2M.

$ du -hc *stage1_5
8.0K    e2fs_stage1_5
8.0K    fat_stage1_5
8.0K    ffs_stage1_5
8.0K    iso9660_stage1_5
10K     jfs_stage1_5
8.0K    minix_stage1_5
10K     reiserfs_stage1_5
8.0K    ufs2_stage1_5
8.0K    vstafs_stage1_5
10K     xfs_stage1_5
86K     total


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