LFS 6.1 LiveCD, Chapter 8.3

Micheal E Cooper mcooper at miyazaki-mic.ac.jp
Wed Nov 30 14:18:41 PST 2005

This is my first time doing LFS, and I am just following the plain vanilla
default, no-modifications route. In 8.3, the book suggests:

"Because of the complications with Hotplug, Udev, and modules, we strongly
recommend starting with a completely non-modular kernel configuration,
especially if this is the first time using Udev."

I would like to follow that advice, so in 8.2, I included the line:
"usbfs        /proc/bus/usb usbfs   devgid=14,devmode=0660 0 0 "
in /etc/fstab, and the USB support is already set to be included in the
default settings of the menu-driven kernel config.

Are the defaults in the `make menuconfig` stage (the kernel configuration
menu) OK or do I have to modify something to make this a "completely
non-modular kernel configuration"?

For example, "Loadable module support" is listed as "built-in." Is leaving
it that way okay?

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