LFS-6.1.1 released

Subhash Chandra mr.subhash at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 18:11:39 PST 2005

On 12/1/05, Justin R. Knierim <lfs at lfs-matrix.net> wrote:
> LiveCD is waiting for the ALFS profile and then we can do a final
> build.  Probably will be done by tomorrow morning or noon.
While you are at t, You might want to look at my blog to see how I
made a profile for package users.Would be gr8 if you could review it
and include on the CD. It also requires a small patch which is on my
blog. ATM it doesn't have the entire profile included because I donno
how to include files on the blog. I'll do it shortly(hopefully by the
time you see it). Or can I mail it to the list(It might have bugs
though, I'm a new bie). My blog is here -->

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