Is bash history available in chapter 6?

Barrie Stott G.B.Stott at
Thu Jun 1 03:02:53 PDT 2006

I am using lfs-6.1.1-4 and everything has gone extremely well until
about 6.17: mktemp-1.5. I then noticed that the arrow keys for use
with bash history were not working as expected; I could scroll
backwards without problem but scrolling forwards would not allow me to
get the whole way to the blank line for typing a command. Instead, the
downarrow key would be inoperative and some former command would seen.
(I should probably also say that on a different VC, where chroot is
not used, bash history seems to work fine.)

I have one, possibly two, questions:

1. Should I expect bash history to work without problem at this point?
I ask this because I already have an example where bash is not working
normally. Outside of lfs I can type the following and the bell rings:
echo $'\a'. I wanted to use this with lfs to tell me when some job had
finished but silence is the main result of its use. Hence my doubt
about bash history within chapter 6.

2. If bash should be working normally, I've obviously done something
wrong. Is the best way forward to restore the state I saved at the end
of chapter 5, checking after each package, or is there some better
way? (Incidentally, I powered down after 6.14: gcc-3.4.3 and I don't
remember strange arrow keys before then.)

I have followed the book as closely as possible apart from using the
install-lfs-from-livecd hint. There are 2 main things this advocates
and I have used them both:

  1. User lfs is not necessary and need not be used since the OS on
     the CD cannot be ruined by running everything as root.

  2. A few scripts can be used to advantage: some cut and paste
     beforehand instead of a lot of typing when needed.


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