Is bash history available in chapter 6?

Chris Staub chris at
Thu Jun 1 07:50:29 PDT 2006

Barrie Stott wrote:
> 1. Should I expect bash history to work without problem at this point?
> I ask this because I already have an example where bash is not working
> normally. Outside of lfs I can type the following and the bell rings:
> echo $'\a'. I wanted to use this with lfs to tell me when some job had
> finished but silence is the main result of its use. Hence my doubt
> about bash history within chapter 6.
> 2. If bash should be working normally, I've obviously done something
> wrong. Is the best way forward to restore the state I saved at the end
> of chapter 5, checking after each package, or is there some better
> way? (Incidentally, I powered down after 6.14: gcc-3.4.3 and I don't
> remember strange arrow keys before then.)

Actually that is exactly the way bash should work at that point. I don't 
really see the problem - history is working fine. Whenever you scroll up 
by more than one command, then you will only be able to scroll back down 
to the previous command - it won't give the blank line. This is fixed 
after you install bash in chapter 6.

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