Is bash history available in chapter 6?

Barrie Stott G.B.Stott at
Thu Jun 1 12:08:04 PDT 2006

Many thanks, Chris.

On Thu, Jun 01, 2006 at 10:50:29AM -0400, Chris Staub wrote:
> Actually that is exactly the way bash should work at that point.

That is what I wanted to know. I can now press on knowing nothing is
wrong rather than worry about a non-existent error.

> I don't 
> really see the problem - history is working fine. Whenever you scroll up 
> by more than one command, then you will only be able to scroll back down 
> to the previous command - it won't give the blank line.

The problem is my superficial understanding of `history'. In the fully
working systems I've used I could aways return to the initial blank
line when using up/down arrow keys; I didn't know there was another
way of working. (In the brief look at the manpage for bash-2.05b I
didn't see any reference to what you mentioned but I'll look more
carefully later in bash-3.0's manpage.)

> This is fixed 
> after you install bash in chapter 6.

I'm pleased about that.

No reply needed.


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