Are the gcc build files still needed after section 5.4?

m at m at
Sun Jun 4 17:02:22 PDT 2006

Dear LFSers,

Reading through the book, it isn't clear to me whether the gcc working 
files can be deleted at the end of section 5.4 in the book (v6.1.1).

On the one hand, the previos section, 5.3 expressly states that the 
binutils files are not to be deleted, so I am inclined to think that if 
one shouldn't delete the gcc working files there would be a similar 
warning.  On the other hand the link created at the end of section 5.4 
points /tools/bin/cc at the gcc in the working directory, not at 

Is that link to the working files an unnecessary dependency or is there a 
good reason for not deleting the working files?

FIO, my setup is:

LFS=/mnt/lfs     (as in the book)
SOURCES=$LFS/sources  (as in the book)
BUILD_DIR=$LFS/unpack/build (a temporary directory where I keep files 
when compiling them.  I'd like to make certain that I understand the 
dependencies by not letting any file live longer than it's needed, hence 
this setup.)

Best Wishes, Max

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