Are the gcc build files still needed after section 5.4?

Randy McMurchy lfs-user at
Mon Jun 5 04:56:13 PDT 2006

m at wrote these words on 06/05/06 04:00 CST:

> On the other hand, I can't help feeling that whilst the lfs FAQ may be 
> great, that information belongs in the ln faq == ln man page.  It's 
> certainly not clear from there, if mentioned at all.

What man page are you looking at? Here's what I have:

ln [OPTION]... [-T] TARGET LINK_NAME   (1st form)

In  the  1st form, create a link to TARGET with the name LINK_NAME.

What in that snippet from the man page is difficult to understand?

cc -> gcc

Why would you interpret that link to mean the current directory?
Especially when the next sentence (2nd form) specifically mentions
the current directory.


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