Are the gcc build files still needed after section 5.4?

Randy McMurchy lfs-user at
Mon Jun 5 18:30:54 PDT 2006

m at wrote these words on 06/05/06 20:12 CST:

> Re-read the bit about search path for sources.

I don't need to. You are wrong, plain and simple.

> mkdir -p alpha/beta/gamma/delta/epsilon/alpha/beta
> echo pwd_version > alpha/beta/afile
> ln -s alpha/beta/afile alpha/beta/gamma/delta/epsilon/link
> ls -l alpha/beta/gamma/delta/epsilon/
> (Note:  A link was made to the file specified using the _current_ working 
> directory as the base for the relative address even though this behaviour 
> is other than that used in the LFS book.)

No. You are wrong. The "current" directory (whatever the hell that
may be, as I'm so confused to what you're trying to say) has
*nothing to do with it*.

You sir, are making it *way* too difficult for yourself. Step back,
and see the light. I give up. I'm good with my knowledge of creating
links. I *always* get *exactly* what I want *every* time, when I use
the ln command. You are obviously confused (hence this thread), and
refuse to see it any other way than the way you *want* to see it.

Please understand, the thread started (by you) with an *elementary*
mistake typically made only by the most novice of unix users.

> Not all that straightforward, eh?

Yes, it is very straightforward, for most people.


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