Are the gcc build files still needed after section 5.4?

Chris Staub chris at
Mon Jun 5 20:00:40 PDT 2006

steve crosby wrote:
> On 6/6/06, m at <m at> wrote:
> The discussion of hard vs soft links is way outside the scope of this
> email thread - suffice it to say the two are very different, and have
> different rules (both in how they work, and in how they are created).
> Hope that clears things up - the man page for ln refers to *where* the
> ln command will place the symlink file - I don't think the ln manpage
> does (or should) cover how the OS resolves symlinks.

I don't believe it does, but then I really don't think it needs to. All 
it says is that it creates a file that contains the path to another 
file. The way I think of it is simply that the second parameter to ln is 
the filename of the file that is created, and the first parameter is the 
contents of that file. Once you understand that, it becomes obvious.

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