book/package error concerning bash-3.0

Michiel Faber fabermichiel at
Tue Jun 6 01:46:18 PDT 2006

Justin R. Knierim schreef:
>> Michiel Faber wrote:
>> Hello,
>> The first command in chapter 6.37.1 of lfs 6.1.1 is:
>> tar -xvf ../bash-doc-3.0.tar.gz &&
>> however the package i downloaded from a mirror ftp-server is named
>> "bash-doc-3.0.tar.bz2" and not "*.gz"

> Sorry, I didn't see the original post so writing back to a reply.  This 
> all shouldn't be an issue anymore since at least a month.  The whole of 
> the LFS FTP repo was converted to original package formats, and so the 
> ftp mirrors should all have the .gz version now.
> Let me know if you see problems with new package tarballs, etc.
> Justin

I downloaded all the packages just a week ago and they were all *.bz2.
But i use lfs 6.1.1 instead of the development version.


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