Are the gcc build files still needed after section 5.4?

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Tue Jun 6 04:13:41 PDT 2006


If $ln_workingdir/$relativepath doesn't exist then ln putters away and 
looks in $PWD/$relativepath.

The order of precedence takes care that this doesn't affect the LFS 
examples.  Personally I would prefer absolute patrhs to be used 
everywhere because then precedence doesn't come into play.

My issue is with the man page, not with LFS, because the man doesn't make 
the logic clear.  Doesn't mention it at all, as a matter of fact.  It 
looks like a fuzzy copy of the IEEE standard which doesn't specify 
behaviour, and indeed seems to assume if anything that items being linked 
to are given as absolute paths.

Note that when I asked one chap to post the relevant section in the man he 
didn't do so.

I'm responding off list because this discussion doesn't belong on LFS. 
It's not an LFS issue and it seems to excite aggro.  I'm happy to 
respond to any more mail, however, providing you first run the scripts I 
provided earlier and explain the results.  We cannot debate if we don't 
have a measure of truth that we can apply, and as the standards don't 
supply one it has to be what the implementations actually do.

Thanks for your interest in the subject.

Regards, Max

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