GCC 4.0.3 fails to compile Chapter 6.12

Chris Whitacre cd at falkenbbs.com
Thu Jun 8 19:20:43 PDT 2006

> Chris Whitacre wrote:
>> I've found several references to it with no apparent fixes and was
>> wondering   has anyone fixed/worked out the issue yet..
>> My findings are and I do not know what the outcome of this would be is
>> it
>> has something to do with the patch. If I make a new fresh directory of
>> GCC-4.0.3 and start the chapter over from scratch then it will compile
>> fine however the tests (make -k check) failed.
>> Can anyone shed some light on this subject?
>> Thanks...
>> Chris..
> Not without more information. Can you paste the exact errors you're
> getting, as well as the failing test results?
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 Well, as much as I preach the "RTFB" in my line of work, after reading
the link of what the output should look like did I realize that the
errors was normal and my output looked exactly like what it should. Which
brings me to my next question, there's a link of gccx failing to find
some include files (I can provide the link when I get home.) These errors
only exist if the gcc patch is installed. I'm thinking that people are
doing what I did and using the pre-existing build of GCC from chapter 5.x
which is generating all sorts of errors. Are we supposed to do it this
way, or are we supposed to create fresh source directories everytime we
work with a program. NOTE: I have gone on removing all directories if
they exist when compiling a program and I have made it as far as GRUB in
section 16 without issues. Did I hose the system by deleting the source
dir of GCC left over from 5.x?


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