GCC 4.0.3 fails to compile Chapter 6.12

Chris Whitacre cd at falkenbbs.com
Thu Jun 8 20:07:30 PDT 2006

> On 6/8/06, Chris Whitacre <cd at falkenbbs.com> wrote:
> It's amazing how many times people miss this.  It has to be in the top
> 5 problems that comes up on this list since I've been around.  The
> answer is here (read the big yellow boxes):

   heh.. so I see... problem is, lynx doesn't display the big yellow boxes
and I managed to overlooked it..

   Kinda wierd though, there is a dozen or so posts e.g.
 and not one of them mention anything about yellow boxes either :)

Oh, one other issue I had (which I only found one reference to) was
installing GlibC for some reason when I done the "stripping" portion of
chapter 5 it hosed all the libraries as well the executables ar, as, and
some others, the second attempt of building LFS I skipped that part since
it was optional and that problem wasn't there anymore, just a fluke?


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