Error while re-adjusting toolchain (6.12)

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Tue Jun 20 20:08:15 PDT 2006

On 6/20/06, Michael Limiero <mike5713 at> wrote:
> > Anyway, the problem seems to be that ld from binutils has not been
> > adjusted to look in /tools/lib.  See how it says ld: warning ...
> > needed by /lib/  It should be trying to use
> > /tools/lib/  Still, that doesn't exactly explain why it
> > can't find  Does /tools/lib/ exist?
> Yes, it exists. It's a symbolic link that points to
> /lib/ is the same thing.
> I just installed glibc into /usr. Then when I readjusted the
> toolchain, it said it would point back to /{,usr/}lib instead of
> /tools/lib. So isn't it supposed to look there? Or am I very confused?

Sorry for the confusion.  I thought you were in Ch. 5  You're right.
You are indeed looking for /lib/ and /lib/
Could you print back the results from this command?

$(cc --print-prog-name=ld) --verbose | grep SEARCH

Something seems to be wrong with the binutils linker.


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