VmWare's hda disk and grub

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Wed Jun 28 16:29:15 PDT 2006


  I've made a VmWare machine with SuSE 10.0 using the default SCSI type
of drives.  Thus I created a main / sda drive, a smaller sdb swap
drive, and an extra sdc drive. After installaing SuSE, I then added a
IDE (hda)to install LFS using nALFS from the LiveCD.  The install is
completed (just had to remove the make check on glibc because it hanged
on the nptl clock verification or somesuch - I read somewhere in the
forum that it can be safely ignored) but now I have no idea what grub
expects the hda drive to be.  I've tried simply counting from the first
sda drive (i.e. hd3 for hda) but this does not work.

  Any idea appreciated,


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