eth0 not detected

Ken Moffat ken at
Mon May 1 11:37:09 PDT 2006

On Mon, May 01, 2006 at 02:08:54PM +0000, randhir phagura wrote:
> And the driver for this card is compiled into the kernel (not as a module).
> This is the only network card on the system and I am not using any pcmcia 
> card of any kind.
> And the new kernel on the new lfs under fire is ''. The fact is 
> that this kernel compiled on the new system does not detect the network 
> card over there, but when copied to the old system and the old system 
> booted with this kernel, it detects the card.
 Just to be absolutely clear, when you say the kernel on the new
system  does not detect the network card, you mean that dmesg has no
references to eth0 ?

> I am, therefore, inclined to conclude that the problem may be related to 
> the new "udev-hotplug and merged branch" interplay.
> Can anyone throw some light on this issue?

 Your analysis sounds unlikely to me, although not impossible.  So
far, you seem to be the only person reporting this.  Merging the
udev branch should not affect a built in-nic because it is not
hotplugged, and udev does not allocate a device node for it.

 If it isn't a kernel problem as shown by dmesg, my guess is that
something is wrong in your bootscripts or /etc/sysconfig - I think
there has been some change there over the past months.

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