ch6/tar check error

Vladimir A. Pavlov pv4 at
Wed May 3 13:53:34 PDT 2006


I'm building LFS SVN-20060420 and have the following error while running 
"make -k check" for chapter6/tar:

make[2]: Leaving directory `/root/src/tmp/tar-1.15.1/tests'
make  check-local
make[2]: Entering directory `/root/src/tmp/tar-1.15.1/tests'
/bin/sh ./testsuite
## -------------------------- ##
## GNU tar 1.15.1 test suite. ##
## -------------------------- ##
  1: tar version                                  ok
  2: decompressing from stdin                     FAILED (
<the rest is ok>

After the testing
/root/src/tmp/tar-1.15.1/tests/testsuite.dir/02/testsuite.log looks as 

2. testing ...
mkdir v7
(cd v7
rm -rf *

mkdir directory
genfile --length 10240 --pattern zeros > directory/file1
genfile --length 13 > directory/file2
tar cf archive directory
mv directory orig
cat archive | tar xfv -
echo "separator"
cmp orig/file1 directory/file1
echo "separator"
cmp orig/file2 directory/file2)
--- -   2006-05-04 00:08:15.466185000 +0400
+++ /root/src/tmp/tar-1.15.1/tests/testsuite.dir/at-stdout      
2006-05-04 00:08:15.000000000 +0400
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
2. 2. decompressing from stdin ( FAILED 

It seems that the error is in the order tar places files to the archive 
created. Having looked through the archive I saw that files are really 
in the reverse order: file2 is the first while file1 is the second.

I carried out the similar test in my host system (Gentoo) with the same 
"reverse" result.

Can I safely ignore the error? I'm afraid I must not to as I haven't 
seen the error in build-logs, but what have I to do?

I think it also would be helpful if somebody carries out the test on 
one's system and send me the results :)

P.S. I use gcc-3.4.6 instead of gcc-4.0.3, and use 6.1.1 for installing 
gcc. The test is failed even if I configure tar with CFLAGS="".

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